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Old Faithfuls

Old Faithfuls – May 2020

On June 1st I released my newest collection of songs “Old Faithfuls”. It’s my first dive into the history of contemporary gospel music. The album begins in western Kentucky with the Baptist folk-ballad “I am a Pilgrim” and ends in Georgiana, Alabama with a thumb-style arrangement of Hank Williams “I Saw The Light”. The journey does stretch beyond the Appalachians, with European hymns like How Great Thou Art, reaching back to my earliest memories of morning mass at a Catholic Church.

This is the first album I did not write and also marks a significant change in my beliefs and values. I’ve found these songs and the grace of God to provide me with an unexpected warmth over the past year. I hope these hymns will bring you some joy in what has been a most difficult year so far.

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