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Having A Great Time - Cover

Having A Great Time – 2017

This is a special album to me and one I truly thought would never be finished. During the making of this record I went through management changes, personnel changes, moved three times, and had a good ol fashioned mid-life crisis (assuming my life is at least half over!). All of that being said Having a Great Time remarkably ended up becoming my most popular record to date and even marked a resurgence in my career that was wildly unexpected. The project is sort of a full evolution of the idea that I started on my first 6 song country EP in 2006. I was very fortunate to collaborate with Mike T Kerr & Terra Spencer on the writing and arrangements of these songs. I will always be grateful for their friendship, and this record would not exist without them. The album was recorded at Joel Plaskett’s studio New Scotland Yard, and mixed by Thomas Stajcer.

Highlight Tracks: Cult of My Own, Memory Foam, Punta Gorda