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Having A Great Time - Cover

Having A Great Time – 2017

I was sick throughout the writing and recording of this album, and it’s an album I truly thought would never get made. It took 2 years of grant-writing and crowdfunding to finally raise enough funds to complete the project. By that time I had gone through management, personnel changes, moved 3 or 4 times, and had some sort of a mid-life crisis (assuming my life is at least half over). I thought this record would kill me and in a way it did kill a part of my spirit. The album ends with a song saying as much, I suppose. All of that being said Having a Great Time remarkably and ironically ended up becoming my best record to date and a resurgence in my career that was wildly unexpected. It’s sort of a full evolution of the idea that started on my first 6 song country EP in 2006. I was very fortunate to collaborate with Mike T Kerr & Terra Spencer on the writing and arrangements of these songs and will always be grateful for them helping me along when and where I needed it most. The album was recorded at Joel Plaskett’s studio New Scotland Yard, and mixed by Thomas Stajcer.

Highlight Tracks: Cult of My Own, Memory Foam, Punta Gorda