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Wrestling with Demons – 2013

Wrestling with Demons was my first attempt at producing my own record and I was never completely satisfied with the result. Though some of these songs became popular in my live shows I always regretted not using drums on the album. I wanted it to have the feel of an old Hank Williams record. Nevertheless I loved the wrestling concept and the re-released album artwork feat Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. I was happy to get all of that out of my system. I was privileged to have the legendary (in Steel guitar circles) Kayton Roberts play on this record being one of the last studio albums he played on before passing away in 2017. Someday I will re-record a new version of Will you Take me Back to Tulsa? which is my favorite of all the songs I’ve written.

Highlight Tracks: Will you Take me Back to Tulsa?, Silver Medal Blues, Children of the Corn