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2005 Demo

Demo – 2005

Highlight Track: Hold My Hand
In the Winter of 2005 I recorded demos of the first country songs I had written in Halifax, NS. The first country song I ever wrote was called “Take it all away” which I’ve posted in my Patreon. This demo was never released but used to apply for provincial grants and music festival music applications. At the time I was still singing and performing in a metal band called Eddybulls but listening to country gospel and bluegrass on the side. These recordings captures an energy that is quite sentimental for me, a time when I was much younger and more creative. I had just graduated film school, was producing my own short films, performing in multiple bands and working at a casting house. The recording quality here is not bad for a bunch of stoners recording country music to an 8-track in a Halifax basement.  
The first song is a cover of the Osborne Brothers Black Sheep Returned to the FoldBottles and Butts was the first upbeat “party” song I wrote inspired by what I’m not sure. The highlight track is possibly the homemade gospel offering Hold my Hand which later appeared on my first official EP Sunny Acres. I prefer the version here which is live, raw and features a killer harmony sung by engineer Mat Bridgeo. Other players on the record include Craig Harris (Phlegethon/Stanfields), Brian Comeau (Phlegethon), Troy Wilson (Mitch Montana/Eddybulls), Mike Wilson (Folds of Policy).